Rental property predictions 2020

2020 is set to bring a number of big changes for landlords, as the government is set to press ahead with its plans to axe Section 21 repossessions and the full impact of Section 24 kicks in. 2019 saw more regulation and red tape along with talks about plans for a compulsory landlord redress and a national register.

With Brexit just a few weeks away the rental sector will be impacted by market confidence, the extension of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, the Tenant Fees Act and the full impact of mortgage interest relief. Understandably some landlords are wary of what may unfold.

As a consequence, it is widely expected that rental prices will continue to rise, especially if the current shortage of supply vs high demand continues. As landlords compete for high quality tenants, there is likely to be a tightening of tenant referencing procedures as well as home-owner guarantees. Some landlords may also switch to investing in property via limited companies, ensuring investors can fully expense interest payments.